Friday, February 09, 2001

Rolling through the hood, just stopped by to say what’s up
Come to let you know you’re baby boy ain’t doing so tough,
Even though you past going on four long years,
I’m still waking up late at night crying tears,
Just thinking about those days you used to talk to me.....
Boy I tell you folks don’t know the half,
I would give it all up just to take on ride…
With you ...
Now I’m just missing you
How I Wish
I wish that I could hold you now,
I wish that I could touch you know,
I wish that I could talk to you,
Be with you somehow,
(I know)
And if I make it out this thug life,
I’ll see you again someday...
Ya’ll look at me and say, “Boy, you’ve been blessed”
But ya’ll don’t seen the inside of my unhappiness,
Man, I swear this shit gets heavy like a ton,
That’s why you hear me shooting this real shit off like a gun....
Dreaming of windows black, tinted like a hearse,
Waking up to life, sometimes it seems worse,
And all I ever wanted is to be a better man,
And I try to keep it real with my homies man...
Boy I tell you folks don’t know the half,
I would give it all up just to take one ride… With you ....
Want me to save the world I don’t understand,
- the best emo rap song - r kelly - i wish, to all my homies that are lost and gone - someone should know why this is important. . . she knows who she is . . .

Thursday, February 08, 2001

"i hate valentines day. always have."
"yeah, me too"
"know why? cause corperate holidays fucking suck! when i'm a dad i'll be pissed if my kids give me stuff for fathers day. assholes"
"fuck corperations. dude, you know matt from (mumbled band name)? he's got a fucking full body tattoo of reagan on his back."
"hahah no way ! that fucker ! hahaha ! thats fucking awesome. reagan. haha! fuuck!"
:actual conversation overheard today between two trenchcoated kids at purchase. this is typical conversation here.:

Wednesday, February 07, 2001

just sum thoughts that i managed to write down and not forget:

Crumbled like ancient marble colomns, buried under to much thought, there love lies.

In a dream, home is when you open your eyes, in reality its much further away.

Like a fly caught in a car, im caught in her heart not knowing where shes taking me.

My finger is getting used to her ring not being there, but i dont think my heart ever will.

Tuesday, February 06, 2001

...usemyslitwriststosignmynamewith... updated semi-daily lately. . checka checka
i wondered if somehow i could say to you
"i never mean what i say"
you'd look me in the eyes again . .

if i never meant what i said
would that mean i never loved you ?
or just that i didnt mean that i dont mean anything. . .
argh !

Monday, February 05, 2001

I hoped you knew me well enough to know that no matter what I said I never stopped caring. . .
He was smiling an innocent amused smile, the smile of an anarchist sitting in the movies wuth a bomb in his pocket. If the people around him only knew what was in his pocket. In a little while he would leave to kill the President.
--miss lonelyhearts, nathanael west
...i wish you cried not more than me but at least as much...
And I'd walk away just to see you cry

Sunday, February 04, 2001

kodak evelopes
hold friends, and
left) behind
in tears and
out my life