Monday, June 04, 2001

it's the new millenium and nothing about it seems very futuristic.
People are still growing older, children still ride bicycles in the street.
Happy families are still alive in suburbia.
towns with old shops and mom and pop stores remain frozen in time.
Greenwich CT still remains without stoplights. Is the
crossing guard a sign of what is present?
the city remains bustling, a melting pot of cultures
always overbrimming with the daily influx of people.
it seems that for life everywhere.. there is no slow season

there are some signs of the past of course,
and these i can see from this dirty train window
Tracks, bent and scattered this way and that..
some buried some half surfaced and visible as
a token of what was
under bridges bubble letters explode with color
.. the graffitti of the future?

the facade of an old red church stands,
pinned down by wire supports perhaps, a sign of the past
. a snapshot of the way things were..
a moral beacon of holyness and time?
Jamaca station, cozy as ever...
platforms crying for repair..
stained by the footsteps of milions
the trackyard soon after.. looming silent like a
magestic mountain range and timeless in the same way

watertowers' omnipresent.
Pools of rain stills settle on rooftops
fences always keeping neighbors good neighbors...
powerlines standing at attention eternally buldings
and homes marked by antenae and satelitte
Steel cranes never seem to swing their arms anymore..
perhaps progress is halted by junkyards and billboards
and everpresent firescapes flash by because
we all know the subways still live underground